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Modular Tent System

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As part of our commitment to innovative design, the CEC would like to introduce the latest tent to our ever expanding catalog

The issue: it's become evident from the positive feedback we receive that many people like and even prefer our large family camping tents - just as we love to design and improve upon them each season

However, large family camping tents present certain challenges on every level:

1. Our engineers find it logistically difficult to make due to the sheer size and weight of the materials that go into making each tent

2. Size and weight issues also come into play in the pack size: some of the tents are so HUGE that we have to pack the tent into 1 box and the poles into another because you'd have to be the Governator just to load the warehouse - this means we have to pay the courier more just to ship them

3. Assembly: Let's face it, Granny isn't getting any younger so let's give the old girl some help! We've added lots of nice pics to our instructions to make them clearer and easier to read but we're still dealing with the logistics of a HUGE tent

4. Flexibility: big, multi room tents are good when you take your spouse, kids, friends, dog and plenty of equipment, but what if it's just the two of you that want to get away? Go out and buy yet anoter tent?

Well, HUGE tents are what people want but what can we do to make it even easier?

Inspiration can come from the strangest of places and it was while watching re-runs of our favorite cartoons that it hit us: Most of our tents have a living area and multiple sleeping pods so why not section them off and make it modular?

Enter the Axis and the Zulu Modular Tent System (MTS):

The Axis is a free standing Screen House with a removable floor, screen walls, stakes and guy ropes - use it as a sun shelter and bug free dining area by day and by night when you're ready for bed, using the Velcro tabs, install the waterproof tub style removable ground sheet and then connect to...

The Zulu: a free standing, 3 person fully water proof tent - perfect for those weekend trips when all you want is room for yourself, your partner and some sleeping gear - a great, general purpose tent

BUT for those times when you want the option of a storage or eating area, just connect the Zulu to the Axis and away you go - if you want to invite some friends to join you or want to give the kids their own sleeping area, just add on another Zulu sleeping pod - connect up to 4 in total for a HUGE multi room tent!

  • MDS (Modular Docking Station)
    MDS (Modular Docking Station)
    The MDS can stand alone as a tent or screenhouse and can also be used in conjunction with 2 Orbiters to create a large, modular tent, suitable for 10 people.   Fabric:- Screen House & Tent, perfect for family...

  • ORBITER (connects with MDS)
    ORBITER (connects with MDS)
    Two Orbiters can be used in conjunction with the MDS to become a large, modular tent or can be used alone as a lightweight, 2-person backpacking tent.   Fabric:- Screen House & Tent, perfect for family camping and...

  • Zulu (2014) 3 person single layer camping tent
    Zulu (2014) 3 person single layer camping tent
    Model: ZULU (2014) Brand: The Camping Equipment CompanyCapacity/Berth: 3 people Tent Dimensions: 9' 5" x 6' 9" x 6"2" (290 x 210 x 190 cm.) Carton Dimensions: 31" x 8" x 8"  (80 cm x 22 cm x 22 cm) Weight: 13 lb...

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