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Amazon Review: Oberon Tent

The large space in the center is great. We actually had it rain on our first trip out and this tent worked perfectly... Click Here to Read the Full Review

Amazon Review: Nova Tent

This tent is so big. We had 8 people sleeping in it for 9 days straight. The rain came down for 3 of those days, but we were dry... Click Here to Read the Full Review

Polaris 16 Person Family Camping Tent Large Rooms NEW

My husband and I love the Polaris. We have 4 children and 2 dogs. This tent and all its room and privacy is perfect for us. All our friends call it our lake cabin. They joke that we should lay foundation and start paying taxes. It generally takes my husband and I about an hour to set up this tent and an hour for take down and put away. Thanks for the great summer!!! We look forward to more fun next year.

Jamie and Tracy

Sarengo 10 Person Family Camping Tent Large Rooms NEW





Just a quick note to say how happy I am with my purchase its the first tent
we have bought and I took some advice from a friend and the tent I got is
great value and quality.  I look forward to doing more business with you in
the future.
Many Thanks




Nexus 16 Person Family Camping Tent Large Rooms NEW


We had our first ever weekend away camping a couple of weekends ago and I thought it would be good to give you feedback.

We bought a Nexus tent from you and the party consisted of me, my wife and 4 kids. When we got there it started to rain, and through the night the rain became horizontal with the wind behind it. On day 2 the rain stopped but it was blowing a gale.

The tent never leaked, performed brilliantly and we cant wait to go away again - Hopefully with better weather this time.

Thank you and well done.


Single Sleeping Bag Mummy Camping 0 Degree 4LB NEW





Dear Support,

I am so happy with your service and the product. I asked you for thd product delivery with two business days, which is impossible for most business, but you did. I received the product just before my daughter went to camping. Last night, I tried the product, it was so warm and confortalbe. Thank you very much.





Pioneer 6 Person Family Camping Tent Large Rooms NEW

Just want to say thanks! I'm so pleased with the tent, we've already set it up in the
woods so have a headstart on the camping season--I plan to use it as an 'in
woods art studio' as well as a camping spot. Very nice item, and great to do
business with you. I'll watch for other things from you. All the best to you. Thank
you for the nice value on this one, it's very appreciated.

Kind regards,

Utah 14 Person Family Camping Tent Extra Large Room





You guys are by far the best online camping supply seller! I love the interior detail you show and your tents are great. Have you ever thought of opening a retail location? Franchise? Really enjoy it, thanks and we will be buying very soon, as soon as we sell the gas guzzling motorhome!





Aries 10 Man Family Camping Tent XXL Rooms NEW

I promised you some pictures months ago about my first camping experience with the Aries Tent I bought.
It was a great success and we enjoyed every minute of it.
Thanks again for buying and I look forward to many more weekends in this tent!
best regards,

Ronald & Elze

Kahuna 12 Man Family Camping Tent

Hello Camping Equipment Company! I just wanted to let you know, We own the Kahuna and It's Great! Fits our family of five & a dog just fine. We LOVE IT! I am a foofoo girlie girl and never really wanted to go camping with the rest of the family. Because of your wonderful tent...I am a camper & loving nature. The Kahuna is my nature palace fit for a queen.

Logan 8 Man Family Camping Tent

Dear Camping Equipment Company,
Have received tent i purchased from you and i am complimenting you on the quality of the item. Am more than happy.

E Hampton

Equinox 8 Man Family Camping Tent

I just received your Equinox tent via UPS yesterday...and I have a COMPLAINT!  Why don't you folks have a customer review section on your website?!  Hell, I would've bought this tent months ago if I had any idea that these are such great tents.
  I set up the tent as soon as it showed up, by myself.  I was amazed at how easy it was to put up.  As I was doing this, I was checking the stitching and the seam taping; top notch.  The layout of the tent has to be one of the best on the market.  Bathtub floor on the sleeping rooms.  Main tent "floorless", which allows me to stake down a tarp for a floor which makes getting the dirt out a heck of a lot easier than a "floored" tent. 
  Guys, get a "review" section going and you will sell a lo! t more tents...  I work in a sporting goods store and sell Columbia, Coleman, Eureka!, Mountain Hardware, North Face, and Wenzel tents.  You guys aren't up to Mountain Hardware standards (thank God, the price would be a KILLER), but my Equinox  looks like it is made much better than a Columbia tent.


Jim S.
Moscow, ID

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