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Polaris family camping tent assembly


Hi Tina, thanks for your email

To further clarify the instruction sheet, we recommend you assemble the tent with the following broad steps in this order:
1. Assemble the rain fly first
a. insert all tent poles through the pole sleeves on the rain fly first with 1 end of each pole joined to the pin and ring system
b. then erect the rain fly by inserting the pin into the opposite end of each tent pole one by one
c. stake down the rain fly at the major point starting with the corners - you may wish to work your way around the tent  by staking down the bottom edges and then the guy ropes for added stability
2. assemble the inner tents
a. unfold each inner tent inside the rain fly in the appropriate area and assemble by staking down the bottom rear edge (closest to the bottom edge of the rain fly)
b. then work your way up and towards the entrance of the inner tent, taking care to fasten the inner tent to the under side of the rain fly using the hooks and toggles provided
3. unfold removable ground sheet and place in the central living area of the tent (in the middle of the assembled inner/sleeping tents) and stake down
Hope this helps clarify that particular aspect of the assembly for this tent

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We had a trial run on putting up our Polaris on the weekend. I was wondering should we insert the poles into the ring/peg stakes attached to the fly before trying to raise the tent off the ground. Also what is the black strapping for? Also which part of the tent should we raise first because we found it hard with just two people to keep it up whilst try to stake it down. Any advice would be great. Thanks Tina

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